Lauren Jabara

At a Glance

Lauren Jabara comes to Christ the Savior Academy from Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School in Pennsylvania where she was the kindergarten teacher.


Mrs. Jabara is a trained reading specialist and has worked closely with the first grade teacher to prepare her students for the next grade level. Mrs. Jabara has also served as counselor, head counselor and administrative staff member at two regional Orthodox camps for the last several years. She loves to read and discuss classical literature, and she enjoys experiencing other cultures through travel.


“Lauren knows her subjects well and conveys the information to her students in an exemplary way,” Yvonne Doncic, first grade teacher at Three Hierarchs. “She maintains an excellent relationship with parents, keeping them updated on the progress of each student, which is so important at these grade levels. She gives extra effort everyday and always has her students well-prepared.”


Mrs. Jabara loves being able to connect with students on a spiritual level, counting prayer with her students as one of her greatest privileges.

“I feel a closeness and connection with each of my students and their families,” Mrs. Jabara says. “When I see our children cross themselves, use kind words with their friends or reverence an icon, I am filled with such joy. I love seeing the faith reflected in the daily lives of my students.”