Discover the Christ the Savior Academy difference:

Classical Curriculum

Christ the Savior Academy is a classical, liberal arts school which combines the wisdom of the Church and the best of secular culture to teach a student to read well, write well and think well. Oxford, Eton and Cambridge have used the classical method to produce leaders for Centuries.

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Ultimately, at CSA we teach children to think so that they can discern the Truth, which is found in Jesus Christ.  Orthodox classical education is very academic, but it transcends academia. Our primary task is to help your child contemplate created things, then go beyond them to the Creator, and ultimately, to know God.

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Small Class Size

The student-teacher ratio at CSA is 10 to 1. We do our best to keep the maximum to twelve students per class, and classes with fewer than six students may be combined. You will not find “one size fits all” classes here. We have classes that are small enough to allow for conversation, personal instruction, and the development of healthy rapports between teacher and student.

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Academic Rigor

The depth of the CSA curriculum sets us apart from other private schools. Our program of study equips students with the essential tools for learning, familiarizes them with classic works and important events, and engages them physically and mentally through their senses of learning.

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Classical education coupled with the Orthodox Faith is a rare find. We couldn’t be happier with CSA’s strong academics and religion. It normally takes a long time for a newly-established school to create a positive reputation and gain recognition. However, CSA immediately was seen as a gem of Wichita. We are so blessed to be here and be a part of CSA. The faculty is highly dedicated and committed, and supported by a strong board of trustees. In addition, this high quality education is offered at a highly discounted tuition that allows anyone the ability to receive a wonderfully well-rounded education. Wichita’s educational quality has been enhanced because of CSA.

Stella Galichia

CSA marries the best academics (history–not ‘social studies’–classical and church music, wonderful literature, etc.) with a loving focus on the child’s heart. I don’t see legalism, which can be a downfall in Christian schools, but, rather, individualized care not just for Cooper’s mind, but for his heart and his soul, too. I appreciate how the children are taught to respect each other and their elders, while not making the atmosphere militaristic. The aura of the school is one of love for God, love for each other, and love for learning. As a mom, I can’t imagine a happier situation for my son.

Amy Henry

At Christ the Savior Academy, the tangibles of a classical education are easy to identify. Students encounter a mix of academics and fine arts, providing a basis for one of the finest educational curriculums in our city. From the curriculum to the administration, faculty, staff, clergy and volunteers – it is easy to say, with complete confidence, that Christ the Savior Academy, provides a first class education. I can also report that this view is shared by others. The sterling academic reputation of C.S.A. is known throughout our community, our city and the region.

Phil Gillen

Our two youngest children have had the good fortune of attending Christ the Savior Academy. The Christianity they know there is not simply prayers or religious courses in addition to math and history – they are shown a way of learning and a way of life in which wisdom supersedes knowledge and charitable service and hospitality are the goal rather than simply being good in class. The vision is heavenly and our children are lovingly drawn to it.

Dr. Mark and Jane Mosley